Eagle Air

Eagle Air- A private jet chartering company headquartered in Indianapolis, IN.

The Benefits of Flying Eagle Air


When you fly with Eagle Air, we strive to provide you with exactly what you need to have a comfortable and relaxing flight to your destination. To do so, we will meet any custom request that we are capable to meet your needs. Have particular allergies, a special requests, or an occasion you are flying for? Let us provide you with a custom solution

Above and Beyond Services

  • Custom Drink Requests Including alcohol preferences, mixers, waters, and soda choices
  • Food and Snack Solutions 
  • Additional Assistance Boarding and Exiting
  • Special Occasion Baggage Care
  • Surprise Party Supplies
  • Early Special Occasion Set Up- Flowers, Gifts, etc.

A Better Way Taxi & Limo

For those flying in and out of the our base in the Indianapolis area, we also provide limo and taxi services for all in one planning for your personal, business, or special occasion traveling. A Better Way Taxi & Limo is equipped to meet your needs via limo, large party SUV, or quick and easy care service upon requests. The customized approach doesn't stop there, travelers can also enjoy the same custom requesting services they receive with Eagle Air. Want a bottle of champagne chilled upon arrival, need dinner reservations or have late night plans? A Better Way Taxi & Limo is available all 24/7 during your scheduled trip. 

Services Such As

  • Shuttle Services To and From Jet and Locations
  • Day Trips To Wineries, Sports Events, Concerts
  • Wedding and Party Guest Transportation
  • Driver Availability Throughout Your Entire Stay

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