Eagle Air

Eagle Air- A private jet chartering company headquartered in Indianapolis, IN.

Why Fly With Us?

Our History

We have been providing jet chartering since 1999. In our early years our primary focus was to provide quick chartered flights to midwest locations around our headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. As demand for our services grew, so did our jets. We now are proud to call an Astra N902AU our primary plane and are proud of the benefits of using a larger jet.


Why Fly Eagle Air?

  • Larger Jet for up to eight passengers, additional cabin room and baggage storage
  • Non-Stop Flight to Anywhere in the Continental US or 6 1/2 hours of flight time
  • Private on staff pilots able to work around any schedule
  • No Layovers or Airliner Flight Changes
  • Base location at Signature Executive Airport in Indianapolis is conveniently located for easy access and low traffic area

Our Pilots

When you fly Eagle Air not only are you getting safety from security, you are getting the safety from flying with experience. We employee two experienced private pilots to make your flight an enjoyable one. Our private pilots provide a better customer driven experience by knowing how to interact with you and provide a custom experience catered to your needs. 

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